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Cylinder Head Gasket from Atlas Gaskets

Types of Cylinder Head Gasket

Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets
Widely used in vintage, veteran and classic cars, copper head gaskets usually involve a mix of copper and a filler material which produce an extremely good and resilient seal.  Click for more about copper head gaskets from Atlas.

Composite Head Gaskets
Coming in three main types -- plain steel core, perforated steel core, and backbone -- these gaskets often have surface coatings which provide additional performance and durability.  Click for more about composite head gaskets from Atlas.

Coopers Rings
These ultra-specialised coopers rings are used in high-performance racing engines, and each set of rings needs to be individually taliored to the engine.  Click for more about Coopers Rings from Atlas.

Laminated Metal Cylinder Head Gasket
The laminated metal cylinder head gasket is composed of different grades of copper or tinplated steel laminations. The performance of these gaskets is often enhanced by cutting the central layers to shapes which are different from the outer facings to change the load pattern. This style of gasket is effective on heavy duty diesel and high performance engines.

At Atlas, our manufacturing processes ensure that all cylinder head gasket are produced to the highest quality.

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