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Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Manifold gaskets from Atlas

Types of Manifold Gaskets

Double cemjo exhaust manifold gaskets
This type of gasket comprises a tanged steel core cleated to fibre facing material. It is generally fitted to engines which have a combined inlet and exhaust manifold, or where separate manifolds are fitted to the same side of the cylinder head

Double steel faced cemjo manifold gaskets
This gasket is made up of steel faces cleated to a soft core. It is frequently fitted to diesel engines with turbo chargers where high temperatures and exhaust flange movement is likely.

The sealing properties of the above can be enhanced by the addition of steel eyelets to the gasket exhaust ports

Down-Pipe Gaskets
Our downpipe gaskets are composed of copper facings either side of soft or composite fillers.  In this way, we ensure durability as well as a top class seal.

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